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Cultivate Power Fighting Arts
Proud CSW Association Affiliate in Oroville, California


Jiu Jitsu - Grappling - Combatives - Filipino Kali - Strength - Health - situational awareness

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Oroville, Northern California

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.” ~Bruce Lee

Every human being should know how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Contemporary Jeet Kune Do is our martial training philosophy from Bruce Lee and it emphasizes individuality in the development of your ability to respond to various ranges of fighting/violence (standing, from the ground, close range, mid-range, long-range).


Seamlessly transitioning between ranges (with and without weapons) is unique to our training style. A violent encounter has many variables that require a few tools from various arts in order to respond to them effectively. This is the basic foundation of the JKD Philosophy and it naturally expands to the development of the individual in all areas of life.

Our Strength Training Programs enhance any athlete or anyone wanting to get fit, stay fit and stay sharp:


  • Action Strength: Kettlebells, Gada, Body Weight Exercises with an emphasis on breath work.

  • "The Big Three" (Heavy lifts with the longevity mindset and style of Pavel's Strong First as well as rehabilitation elements from Kabuki Strength.)

At Cultivate Power, we also support your training goals with nutrition education that emphasizes Clean Food, Chinese Tonic Herbs and other powerful supplements and healing amenities as allies to build a strong body.

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