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Cultivate Power Fighting Arts isn’t just Oroville’s choice Martial Arts and Strength Facility; it’s also a culture designed to help you reach your goals, whether it’s to get into shape, learn self-protection, compete in a tournament, connect with strong people, or just have fun.

Our professional instructors design martial arts and strength programs using scientifically-proven methods that help you learn faster and move better, all while enjoying the process.

Our Grappling classes for Adults and Kids blend the best in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Judo so you will be confident in the fundamentals, from the ground on up. Our Jeet Kune Do Combatives/Kali Classes will take your martial skills further with weapons, boxing, kicking, trapping and more so you can confidently handle fighting in all ranges whether that is for sport, violence prevention, self-improvement or all of the above!

Our unique style of training heavily emphasizes injury prevention to ensure that you learn more and can come to class every day. The best, most-respected martial arts teachers and students know that you get more from your training when the focus is skill-acquisition rather than "banging it out" and "winning" every night on the mats. We are a team here at Cultivate Power Fighting Arts, working together to get smarter and stronger. 


Train here consistently and you will be amazed with your transformation.

Jiu Jitsu | Grappling | Combatives | Filipino Kali | Strength | Health | Situational Awareness

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