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Adults jiu jitsu / Grappling Classes



More NO-GI Jiu Jitsu!

(3 days a week, Fridays include striking and weapons)

Our curriculum is a good blend of grappling for fighting and for fun due to our Paul Vunak "Filthy MMA" JKD roots and staying sharp competing in BJJ Tournaments a few times a year.


Jiu Jitsu builds core physical strength quickly and it is the art that starts from the ground up. Jiu Jitsu is a strong foundation to build upon as you expand into other martial arts. We also emphasize Judo (throws, off-balancing your opponent) and Wrestling so our students have well-rounded skills in all areas of grappling.

At CPFA, we continually upgrade our curriculum with the latest coaching psychology techniques/methods so that skills can be installed with greater efficiency in less time (which means more fun!).

Training Jiu Jitsu will help you to:


  • Develop Physical and Mental Strength

  • Connect with people in a fun and healthy environment

  • Practice Focus and develop a Resilient Mindset that will serve you in all areas of life.

  • Increase your understanding and application of leverage, alignment and stability


Give us a call or come on in!

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