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Darrell Thompson, Head INstructor at Cultivate Power

Darrell Thompson

  • ​Progressive Fighting Systems

Full Instructor

(Contemporary Jeet Kune Do)

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BROWN Belt

  • Judo Green Belt

  • TRAINED AT Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School (Wilderness Survival Skills)

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Darrell's passion in martial arts and self-improvement was set aflame when he became a father in 2005. It was no longer acceptable to train as a hobby, it became a pressing need to learn how to protect his family.

His search for the pressure and skills eventually led him to a 7 year long journey training with Paul Vunak, founder of Progressive Fighting Systems™️ and long-time student of Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's best friend and training partner). Paul is famous for his unique (and intense) curriculum and training style that embodied the spirit of Bruce Lee's ever-progressive Jeet Kune Do.


In the beginning of this pivotal time Darrell also learned from Vunak's business partner and top student at the time, Harinder Singh Sabharwal, from whom he learned the strength and attribute training systems Singh had created specifically for martial artists called Action Strength™️. This strength and attribute development system utilizes kettlebells, Gada (Indian Mace), Tai Chi and Mala Vidyea (yogic principled bodyweight exercises) and was a deep dive into a higher level of self-improvement.

Darrell and Amory practice Judo
Darrell Thompson training with Paul Vunak at our home in Northern California.
Darrell Jan 2022_edited.jpg

Darrell's more recent education and training has been heavily focused in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo, including regional and private BJJ and Judo competitions as a source of pressure and growth for the past several years. He previously developed the kids program at Oroville Jiu Jitsu Academy that is now offered at Cultivate Power FA.

Always seeking inspiration and new ladders to climb, he regularly attends events and seminars to expand on his martial arts skills and mindset. (Master Chim's annual Pressure-Con event is his favorite event of the year.)

Whether it's a Private Lesson, Group Class or watching a kids class, you will see that Darrell is a natural, inspirational teacher who provides great attention to detail to each individual's needs, helping people become stronger, healthier and happier.

Darrell with Wins at BJJ Tour.jpg
Darrell, Greg, Steve Super Fresh
Darrell with Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal, Professor Hundon and Tim Richards
Darrell w Chris Duffin.jpeg
Family Day of Whoopass.jpg
Darrell Thompson wins Gold - AGF Sacramento 2022
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