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  • ​Progressive Fighting Systems Full Instructor(Contemporary Jeet Kune Do)

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt

  • Judo Green Belt

  • Small-Circle Aikido(2009-2010, 2018)

  • TRAINED AT Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School (Wilderness Survival Skills)

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Jennifer has been mastering the feminine arts through homeschooling her daughter, homesteading and providing the culinary needs of a hungry martial arts family. She has developed her skillsets in various fighting and strength training arts for the past decade, teaching private lessons and at seminars in California and Europe. Jennifer teaches with her family and also teaches Women's Self-Defense with her 16 year old daughter, Amory.

Jennifer's first martial arts lessons were initiated by her step-mother when she was 10 years old at West Wind Bok Fu Karate school in Vallejo, California. This was a powerful imprint that opened her eyes to the need to train not only the physical side of self-defense, but more importantly to train situational awareness. Her step-mother's stories of dangerous situations she had been in as a young woman gave Jennifer a deeper understanding and focus. In such a short time spent at this school, she was surprised to see how quickly she had installed basic, effective responses to fighting when she was confronted with violent situations in the following years.

Coach Jennifer teaching at Big Kids Class
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Jennifer returned to martial arts in 2010 with Small-Circle Aikido at Ten-Shin Dojo and later that year Seth Weil's  in Chico, California.


When her husband Darrell went to Paul Vunak’s retreat in Southern California, Jennifer’s martial art path took a leap. The next years would be filled with many road trips to the Los Angeles area as their training catapulted to a new level in the Descendants of the Masters program, a system designed for Contemporary Jeet Kune Do instructors.

Six years later, Jennifer would not only be teaching Contemporary Jeet Kune Do, but also living with Vunak in her mountain home, assisting him with running his company Progressive Fighting Systems as the Northwest Training Director. During this time, Jennifer and Darrell facilitated Intensive Personal Training Programs (I.P.T.P.’s) for Descendants of the Masters members and instructors, hosting live, video-recorded classes and sessions with people from all over the country.

Since then, Jennifer and her family have put a big focus into training, teaching and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Together they developed the Kids Jiu Jitsu Programs that are now offered at Cultivate Power FA. Jennifer continues to expand on her martial arts skills and learning new ways to train and teach.

Jennifer Mutch Gold Medalist at U.S. Open XXIV
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Jennifer and Paul Vunak Chi Sao.jpg
Training with Sifu Paul, 2017
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