Meet Our Sigil

Insights into the elements of our Cultivate Power logo:

The hands of our clan, all drawn by hand before being digitized.

Cultivate Power Fighting and Strength Arts.

Jennifer’s on the left (feminine side) and Darrell’s on the right (masculine side). Our daughter’s fists as the dark and light dots of the Tao Ying Yang symbol represent “Jik Chun Choy”, the Wing Chun Straight-Blast and the power in blending the strengths of both polarities. The three of us, strong individuals loyal to the integrity and power of our clan.

The Sun. Self-sufficient, independent, a dynamo creating energy and evolving on its path as it spirals through space. It represents the power we cultivate in ourselves: independence, Creativity, Strength, Courage, Honor, Mastery, continuously traversing into the unknown with Courage. To mature. To Shine.

With reverence and respect for the Grand Master Teachers: Nature and the Planets of our Solar System.

Reverence for the teachers of our solar system (astrology).

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