Quick Tip to Power Up Your Squat

Before I share the short video clip that will help you in handling Heavy Loads, I need to give some Props...

We've been enjoying the results from employing the techniques learned from Kabuki Movement Systems. I was surprised when I added 20 lbs to my max Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press my last test day and I'm looking forward to the gains we'll be witnessing from our students who joined us for our first Squat Clinic yesterday!

Over the years, we've trained Action Strength, mainly with Kettlebells and Gadas for external weights. When we first listened to a Pressure Project podcast with Master Chim and Chris Duffin (Kabuki Movement Systems Founder), we knew immediately we needed to learn from him. His emphasis on Proper Breathing, Posture and Intent, the cornerstones of Action Strength, was the intriguing call to action that fired us up.

As martial artists, we've shied a way from the heavy lifting culture for years, focusing on the attribute development that a Contemporary Jeet Kune Do practitioner wants for his or her dexterity, felxibility, speed and strength (the attributes and intentions Action Strength was created for). The heavy weight lifting has been known for its lack of flexibility and speed which was the reason for our lack of interest in years past. But when Chris Duffin started speaking our Action Strength language, we decided to experiment and we're so glad we did.