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Coffee, Use It Wisely

This May, Bulletproof is giving 10% OFF on their Exquisite-Quality Coffee.

With impeccable timing, a student asked me the other day:

"How do you guys use the Bulletproof stuff?"

They have a bunch of great products we use and enjoy, but this quick article is focused on their Coffee Concept: add healthy fats and other nutritious ingredients to your morning cup o' joe so you have a happy brain, ready to seize the day.

Every morning, we start the day with our Scalarized, Ozonated well-water (ask about Healthy Habits stuff), a scoop of Colostrum, 9 pumps of the A.M. Rev!ve CBD's from Kannaway and our Dragon Herb tinctures.

After that, we move on to the highly-anticipated Coffee Ritual:

*Sidenote: For those of you who've stayed with us in the past, you may notice the absence of organic heavy whipping cream... don't be alarmed. We're just enjoying the nut milks recently, gotta change the routines or they turn into ruts!)

Other top-notch ingredients shown:

Ojio Raw Cacao Powder Ojio Maca Root Powder Surthrival Grass-Fed Ghee Field Day Organic Maple Syrup "Milkadamia" macadamia nut milk

**Made with a base of Ozonated, Scalarized water, thanks to our dear friends at Healthy Habits ( for info, Contact Us to order at 530.592.4344)

"Why all the fancy add-ins?"

I could write a separate article for each of these ingredients so feel free to research a bit into all these "superfoods", but I will say a few things here:

Raw Cacao is full of anti-oxidants, mood-enhancing and very nutritious. Combining it with coffee and maple syrup brings out its vitamin C (according to Atom Bergstrom). It is also an excellent "Brain Food".

Maca is another superfood with hormone balancing qualities and it has a nice, malty flavor.

Grass-Fed Ghee is delicious and, just like the XCT Oil, is a healthy fat that satisfies hunger and gives your brain some food so you can get going on your badassness for the day.

Take this info and start adding something new to your coffee that gives your brain and body the materials for Building Strength, Mental Acuity and Enjoy this Guilt-Free daily indulgence!

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