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EMF Protection

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✅ Blocks Wide Spectrum of EMF

Blocks high-frequency and low-frequency radiation and protects from 5G.

Very high-screening attenuation keeps you safe from wifi pollution, cell phone signal or other electromagnetic radiation.

Shielding effectiveness is 99% up to 80db.

✅ Certified & Tested Shielding Silver Fabric

Silver fibres attract positively-charged ions that create a conductive field and reflects electromagnetic radiation.

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Odor, Anti-Static with positive impact on internal heat regulation and blood circulation.

Nutrition Upgrades & Supplements

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A daily healthy habit. Keep some in the Bug-Out Bag, the Training Bag... always! 

  • Promotes a healthy immune system

  • Supports intestinal health

  • Potent liposomal delivery for optimal absorption

  • Promotes healthy aging support


Colostrum-LD® supports a balanced healthy immune system and the healthy integrity of the stomach and intestinal lining. Colostrum is the first food of life and is collected from the first milking of Grade A dairy cows that are not supplemented with rBST, BSE and are antibiotic free.

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The King of Medicinal Mushrooms. The "Mushroom of Immortality".


Immune system strengthening and protection. A delicious tea on its own or add it to coffee, soups and sauces. Or be boring and take as a pill. 🤪

ORAC (per 1g) levels for some foods high in antioxidants:


Chaga – 36,557

Acai Berry – 800

Goji Berry – 400

Alaska Blueberry – 76

Wild Blueberry (Lower 48) – 61

Cultivated Blueberry – 24.5

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Shilajit’s unique mineral makeup supports longevity and virility while preventing a long list of degenerative diseases.

Contains over 85 minerals in ionic form, including humic and fulvic acids. It's remarkably high fulvic acid content is one of the factors that makes Shiljit so effective and unique. As a rule, cell membranes will resist infiltration by foreign substances (both ‘good’ and ‘bad’), which is why our bodies have a hard time absorbing many supplements. Fulvic acid triggers cell membranes to drop their defenses, allowing fast and complete delivery of all the many important minerals in Shilajit.


Non-toxic, powerful pain relief and remarkable skin rejuvenation. Created from a proprietary blend of the absolute highest grade parental magnesium available, as well as potent Zeolite, arnica and lobelia. For sore muscles, achy joints, swelling, inflammation, cramping, headaches and migraines.